What makes Stellar Engraving so unique?

We are able to offer many unique engravings not offered by others in the Charleston area.  You provide the kitchen, and we can spice it up.  Want to set your furniture apart from others? We can design an engraving that will stand out.  We can take a good project and turn it into a great one.  Some examples are custom cabinet door engravings for remodels, changing an ugly metal air return into a custom wood one to match your home, and specialty signs for game room renovations.

What are the typical types of projects that you see at Stellar Engraving?

Cabinet door engravings, glass etchings, laser engraving mugs and tumblers, kitchen utensil engravings, signs for businesses and game rooms, metal business cards, bar taps, and wedding favors.

What has been the most unique project in the Lowcountry that you have completed?

A wall divider.  We have found many uses for it.  Originally it was designed for indoor use, but many people have commented that they would like one to help block out some of their neighbors’ view in their “Old” Charleston style homes that are built close together.

What would the process look like for someone that is interested in laser engraving or etching?

There are two processes that we have noticed.  One is for the customer that comes in with an idea already in mind.  They would have their design made by hand or from images they found somewhere.  We would take these ideas and make a rendering of what it would look like on their particular product.  Once the customer modifies it, we program the machines and then cut or etch their products.

The other customer is the one that is not sure what they want, but know they want something unique.  This is where we can be creative and give them different ideas based on their likes and where this product is going.  From there, the process is the same as above.

Are there any unique items that Stellar Engraving could do as gifts for the upcoming holidays?

 Christmas cards, toys (planes, puzzles, wooden mazes, jewelry boxes, etc.), personalized tumblers/coffee mugs with your favorite sports team or a person’s name/initials, and Christmas tree ornaments that can hold a  picture!